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Phone Wallpaper

GREENS wallpaper made just for your phone! Find the correct image size below, save it and send it to your phone.

iPhone (320 x 480)
BlackBerry (320 x 240)
big (128 x 160)
small (128 x 128)

The GREENS Theme Song

Hector wearing headphones
Listen to it here on our site.

Or download the MP3 now: Right-click on this link if you're on a Windows PC or if you have a two-button mouse. On a Mac you can press the Control key and then click the link instead.

Desktop Wallpaper

Kitty wallpaper 800x600   1024x768   1280x1024

Robots wallpaper 800x600   1024x768   1280x1024

Green leaves wallpaper 800x600   1024x768   1280x1024

Yellow sunflower wallpaper 800x600   1024x768   1280x1024

You can download our desktop wallpaper. First choose the size that matches your monitor. On a Windows PC you can click on the link and then right-click to set it as the desktop.

If you're on a Mac, you can Control-click on the link for the size you want. You should get a menu with an option to Download or Save the image to your disk. Then follow your computer's instructions for setting a desktop. Go to the System Preferences and choose Desktop.

Buddy Icons

Izz icon Dex icon Jolie icon Hector icon

You can download our buddy icons to use on your site, personal page, or instant messenger program. On a Windows PC, choose the one you want and right-click on it for the option to save the image to your desktop (or wherever you want).

On a Mac, Control-click the image, select "Save Image to the Desktop" or "Save Linked File..."

After that you're on your own, kid.

More Stuff

You can download other graphics from our Share page to use on your site or personal page. Remember to link any images to