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A Regular Helping of GREENS

MARCH 17, 2007


Posted by: Izz

It's Saint Patrick's Day today. Don't just wear green: BE GREEN!

Here are five things YOU can do to show how green you really are:

  1. Turn off lights you don't need.
  2. Tell your parents to turn off the engine in the car if they're just sitting in it.
  3. Take your own bag to the grocery store.
  4. Turn off the water while you're brushing your teeth.

Posted by: Dex

  1. Design a microbial-based biofuel cell capable of reducing the world's dependence on fossil fuels.

Posted by: Izz

Er, yes, thanks, Dex. Maybe four things is okay to do in one day.

Izz's Dad

Posted by: Dad

I'm looking through the GREENS mailbag. We got a note from Tiffany in Texas. This is what she said:

Ever heard of the Amazon?
It's shrinking.
(Don't ask me questions.)
We had a lesson on it.
Here's a tip:
Talk about that.
No trees,
No plants to change carbon dioxide
Into oxygen.
Think about it.


Posted by: Dex

I want to say a quick thank you to everyone who has been linking to us or reviewing our site. That rocks. It's so very bloggy. I think my favorite one was from a blog in Belgium. We translated it at which lets you move text from one language to another. It's not always perfect. It came up with this review:

Gladly I want present you to the family Green. A serial concerning living the family Green and what they do all to the environment. For your children and children a must to see and follow. Click on the blade to see 1 of The Greens episode.

So if you haven't seen it, click on the blade, dude.

Movie poster Izz

Posted by: Izz

And if you're in Washington, DC in the next few weeks, the 15th Annual Environmental Film Festival is running and they have some great films to see.

Izz's Dad

Posted by: Dad

I'm opening the mailbag every day, so drop us an email.