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A Regular Helping of GREENS

APRIL 18, 2007


Posted by: Izz

We got a great letter from a GREENS fan named Isobel. It's about a different kind of recycling. She writes:

I heard about a program called "Locks of Love" where people cut off 10 or more inches of their hair and send it to Locks of Love. Locks of Love turns the hair that is sent to them into wigs for children who have had cancer and lost their hair. I grew my hair for about two years until it was 22 inches long from the top of my head to the ends. I went to the hairdresser who cut off 10 inches. He didn't really want to do it but did it anyway. Now all that is left is a short ponytail. I was very sure I wanted to do what I did and I am not disappointed that I did it. I am pleased that it will help someone else. I am glad that it is being recycled and not ending up in the trash!


Posted by: Dex

And here's a quick note from a girl named Sana. She says:

Thank you for establishing the site. Now all kids will want to BE GREEN!

I hope so, Sana. Izz and I can't do it all by ourselves.