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APRIL 19, 2007

Crowd of people at a rally
Izz and Dex next to a train car Izz

Posted by: Izz

We really went to that Step It Up rally I was asking Dad about last week. The news said were 1400 rallies held all over the country last week. The rallies were all trying to let people know about global warming. It was a lot of fun. At our rally there was live music and a parade. There were all kinds of people there as you can see in our photo.


Posted by: Dex

I think the best bit was taking the train there. Mom's annoying boyfriend Hoyt wanted to drive us there in his big SUV. He really doesn't get it.

Izz 'Protect Our Future' written on a handmade sign

Posted by: Izz

Then send him this link: it's got fifty ways to save the planet.