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MAY 7, 2007

Hoyt at the green fashion show Hoyt

Posted by: Hoyt

I'm not a blogger. I don't "blog" and I'm not the least bit "bloggish." So don't get excited, kids, even though I could add some words to the wise here. I'm simply here to WARN you that something TERRIBLE has happened on this Web site. I was TRICKED into wearing some recycled clothes and my girlfriend's son Dexter appears to have published it on the Internets. I found this out while I was using the Google. Please do not look at it.


Posted by: Dex

And here's a picture of it too! I might frame it. Sweet!


Posted by: Izz

Check this out. We just put a whole bunch of new stuff on the site. Besides the new animation, there's a fantastic new carbon footprint calculator. We also moved some stuff around, so hopefully you can find things better on our site map and in our new "blog archive" — where the old blogs live.

Carbon footprint calculator

Posted by: Dex

Too busy to look at all that, Izz. I'm making copies of this Hoyt picture to put up around town. But don't worry: I'm using recycled paper. I think this is the best day of my life.