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MAY 9, 2007

Granny and The Cat

Posted by: Izz

We got some more mail. Here are some emails that came from Aisha, Abeeha, Quinn, Katrina, Mariam, Skyler, and Monica.

I am kid concerned with the environment and I wanted to know why us humans do so many things to hurt the environment? Well there was a building going up across the street from my school, but around where I go to school that is common, and the environmental club, including me, was very concerned so we sent a letter to all the people we could from the mayor to the city council and we got good results. About 3 weeks after we sent the letters the city planner came to my school and we got to tell her straight up what we felt like surrounded by buildings. She was surprised that we had so much to say about the fact we were surrounded by buildings. We said that we felt like we had no freedom, felt like we were in jail and all those things...

On Earth Day I planted a tree.

Using bamboo fibers is a really good way to "recycle."

I wanted to ask a question if you have more links to help the environment. I am planning on writing to an environment group.

I love your site. I hope to see more.

Hi. You guys look cool. I wish I could be like you!

I'm a kid like you guys. At my school we have a club called the VICE SQUAD we really try to help out our environment, we may not be able to help out the big things but we try to make a difference in our world.


Posted by: Dex

And to that we would like to say, "That's great about the buildings; good luck with the tree; this site has links to cool environmental sites all over it; thank you; shucks, we're blushing; and we agree — everything can make a difference." Phew!

Granny Green

Posted by: Granny

Hey, kids!? Why am I on this page? In my day we used to ASK our grandparents before we posted their pictures on the Internet.