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Fair trade avocado Izz

Posted by: Izz

Today we decided to show you two little things we thought are cool in England. I chose this one. It's a fair trade avocado. If you've heard of fair trade it probably has to do with coffee. The idea is that fairly traded coffee means the growers — usually small farmers in poor countries — got a fair price for their coffee. What I thought was cool is that all over Europe you see "Fair Trade" labels: it's not just about coffee. It could be anything — even milk bought from local farmers. Most of the big, English supermarkets compete with each other by being greener than the others. I love that. I wish we'd see that in the regular supermarkets here.


Posted by: Dex

Bag of Zoo Poo

I chose this. Izz is always going on about gardening. So for her birthday I'm going to get her a supply of Zoo Poo. It's rich in nutrients and it came out of a rhino's...


Posted by: Izz

Let's end this blog right here, Dex. Step away from the poo.