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JANUARY 3, 2008

Izz with recycle bin

Posted by: Izz

Happy New Year! I've been thinking about my new year's resolutions. Here's the first list I wrote:

  1. Save the world
  2. Stop global warming
  3. Clean my room occasionally
  4. Be greener
  5. Be nicer to Dex
  6. Share my MP3 player with Granny

But that's a lot to ask — especially number 3. And 5. Anyway, the thing about resolutions is that you really need to try to keep them, right? So here's what I settled on:

  1. Be greener

I, Izz, pledge that when I have a decision to make — at the grocery store, at school, wherever — I will try my best to think about which choice is the greenest option. Then I will try to do it!

Could you resolve to do this, too? Tell us about green choices you'll make this year!