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MARCH 18, 2008

Letter flying in the sky Dex

Posted by: Dex

Some of you have written in with ideas for our episodes, and I'm kinda getting the feeling that animals are quite popular with our fans!

Wolfram from Maryland has an idea:

I think you should add a new episode that shows how ANIMALS are getting affected by our carbon footprints. If Izz is reading this then I think you understand why, right Izz?


Posted by: Izz

I hear ya, Wolfram! There's definitely a lot to say about how human actions affect animals and their habitats. Great idea — Kitty thinks so, too! Speaking of Kitty...

Sara in Massachusetts writes:

When is there going to be another new episode? I like Granny and the cat. Will they be in the next episode?


Posted by: Izz

Stay tuned, we'll have some new episodes very soon, and yes, Kitty will make an appearance! In the meantime, you can see way more of Kitty by downloading this desktop wallpaper.