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APRIL 29, 2008

Panda cupcakes Izz

Posted by: Izz

I made some awesome panda cupcakes for a bake sale. We raised $800 for our school's environmental club.


Posted by: Dex

What is it with these clubs? Judging from the mailbag, everyone's in a club but me. Is there a Dex for President club?


Posted by: Izz

You'd get my vote, cousin. If your policy on restricting carbon emissions is strong enough, of course.

Letter flying in the sky Dex

Posted by: Dex

Thanks. I really welcome that show of support. Meanwhile here's what some of you are up to in your clubs. Rachael Jane from Ohio writes:

Hi Izz and Dex, I love your show and all you do to care for the World and Conservation. My school has a club called the Backyard Greenies. It is a club dedicated to the protection of wildlife conservation and the preservation of the World. When I saw your website, I was like totally greeny! Well, I just wanted to say that you guys rock! Stay Green, Rachael Jane

Lydia is also in Ohio. She says:

I love when people recycle! My friend and I have started a program that was originally called "The M Club", the M meaning "mint". Mint is an edible plant that grows at my school. Now the club is called S.O.S (S=save O=our S=school) club. I'm the president. Another person spends their time looking for trash & recyclables. Another person started S.O.E (S=save O=our E=Earth). They used to go around the classroom with a box and ask for any paper. I think that if everyone on Earth would reduce, reuse and recycle, by the time my kids were my age, the world might not be a lot rounder, just greener.

Samantha from West Virginia writes:

Me and a few of my friends from a special class I go to started a club called the Save The Planet Foundation so if you want to ever mention us on the show just contact me to let me know and I'll see if it's okay with everyone else by the way we're mostly 5th graders and a 4th grader and we're trying to help animals and nature

Monica writes from Ontario:

Dear Greens, I'm a kid like you guys at my school we have a club called the VICE SQUAD we really try to help out our environment ,we may not be able to help out the big things but we try to make a difference in our world. Sincerely yours, a kid like you (Monica)

Also from Ontario, Aishsa says:

I am kid concerned with the environment and I wanted to know why us humans do so many things to hurt the environment? Well there was a building going up across the street from my school, but around where I go to school that is common, and the environmental club, including me, was very concerned so we sent a letter to all the people we could from the mayor-the city council and we got good results. About 3 weeks after we sent the letters the city planner came to my school and we got to tell her straight up what we felt like surrounded by Buildings, she was surprised that we had so much to say about the fact we were surrounded by buildings, we said that we felt like we had no freedom, felt like we were in jail and all those things...


Posted by: Izz

Great letters! And Dex, might I add that no one bought YOUR cupcake. I wonder why. It looks so appetizing.

Monster cupcake