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MAY 27, 2008

Artfully arranged garbage
Izz's Dad

Posted by: Dad

Hey, Izz, what are you doing with my old bulbs, glasses, batteries and ink cartridges? I was about to throw those out.


Posted by: Izz

You can't just throw them in the trash: they all need some kind of special disposal. We can donate old glasses. The bulbs and batteries have all kinds of crummy chemicals in them so they have to be gotten rid of specially. And our school gets money back by collecting old printer ink thingies.


Posted by: Dex

If only there was some way to let people know what they can do with all this stuff. It seems so complicated.


Posted by: Izz

Have no fear, The GREENS are here! By the powers invested in me by the Internet... behold... a list of useful links!

Helpful tips from Uncle Sam (the government, not your actual Uncle Sam)

All kinds of recycling tips

Find a collection place near you

Find how to get rid of electronics

Lions Clubs (and many local opticians) will take your old glasses.