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JULY 17, 2008

Letter flying in the sky Izz

Posted by: Izz

Ambika from New Jersey has a green problem.
Let's see if we can help:

Hi you guys!

There's this pond near my house. Next to it, there is a water drainage pipe. When it rains, the water flows through the pipe into this small "pit". Whenever I scooter to the pond and look at that "pit", it always has a bunch of beer bottles, milk cartons, even A TIRE!!! This makes me so mad! I tried to convince my parents to give me permission to start a clean up club, but they didn't. Can you tell me what to do? Am I even doing the right thing?

From, Ambika, #2 Earth Saver (Izz, you're #1!)


Posted by: Izz

Ambika, it's great that you're thinking this way! You're a total Greenie. You're definitely doing the right thing by trying to figure out what you can do to help the earth AND by listening to your parents! It's not safe to clean up ponds or other water-y places by yourself. Does your school have a Green Club? Maybe you could start one!