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AUGUST 26, 2008

Letter flying in the sky Dex

Posted by: Dex

We just got mail from the bravest girl in the world — the bravest!


Posted by: Izz

Do continue. This should be good.


Posted by: Dex

Her name's Rachael Jane and she's taking care of a baby squirrel:

Hey Greens,

My veterinarian gave me a baby squirrel to look after. Since it is still on milk I have to feed him through a syringe with warm milk. I named him Chipper because of the little noises he makes. Even with a name, Chipper is not a pet but a wild animal. As soon as he is able to eat on his own, I will release him in the woods behind our house. Don't worry Dex, squirrels with pointy teeth can actually be pretty friendly.

Stay Green,

Rachael Jane


Posted by: Dex

Dear readers, do NOT try this at home. For more on pointy teeth, check this out.