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OCTOBER 16, 2008

ZOOMout the Vote promo image Dex

Posted by: Dex

I hear there's an election coming up.


Posted by: Izz

Yep. We've been watching the presidential debates as homework for social studies. I wish we could vote.


Posted by: Dex

There are other ways to get involved. ZOOM is running a ZOOMout the Vote campaign that has all the info you need to help adults register to vote. Plus tips for how to make sure they really do get out and vote on election day. I don't think Granny has voted in a presidential election since Abe Lincoln. She still has a crush on him.

Abe Lincoln's portrait with a lipstick kiss

Posted by: Izz

Check it out: you're right! There's a bunch of stuff to read and make. And on Election Day — November 4th — we can vote right at the ZOOM Web site!