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OCTOBER 28, 2008

Letter flying in the sky Izz

Posted by: Izz

Devany from Arizona asks:

how do u know so much about the environment. i just know a little.

And a friend from South Carolina says:

you rock. some tims you can be a littel anoying. even though you can be cool. i think the color green is awsome. i wish i could be green.

Plus, another reader from Ontario wants to know:

Hi greens I was going to ask you why are you green and how did you become green?


Posted by: Dex

It depends what kind of green you mean. If it's our skin color, well, we were born that way! If you mean knowing how to take care of the planet, we read a lot about it and talk to people too.


Posted by: Izz

Right, like my mom knows a ton about how to be good to the Earth. But not all parents know that stuff, which is why we write our blog — to help all of you be as green as you can be!


Posted by: Dex

Except for the whole skin thing, of course ...