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NOVEMBER 18, 2008

Izz with magnifying glass: Do You Know?
A hole in the ground in which an animal could live. Dex

Posted by: Dex

Last week we asked our readers to guess whose home this is. One fellow greenie said:

its a rabbit hole

And Rhea from India agreed, telling us:

The Answer to your blog is a Rabbits Burrow!

Alina was a little closer. She said:

I think that big animal lives in the whole.

Good guesses, but you need to add some EXTREMELY pointy teeth.

It's actually a BEAR DEN!

A bear

Posted by: Izz

Don't you just love how the earth will keep the heat in during winter? Plus the green roof is amazing. And what do bears do in there? They hibernate to conserve energy. How green is that?!


Posted by: Dex

It looks so cozy. When can we move in?