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DECEMBER 2, 2008

Stop sign with leaves attached to the sign post

Posted by: Dex

Remember when we found this mysterious leafy stop sign? I think our friends have figured out what it means!

Here's what Jamie thinks it's telling us:

Stop sharpening pencils just to be sharpening! Use them until the lead becomes stubby and then sharpen! Oversharpening wastes the "lead" and limits the pencils life!

Hannah from Georgia says:

i think it means 2 stop pollution so we can have alot more flowers i think it also mean to stop cutting down trees i think we should stop before our beautifle earth becomes ugly

And then there's Chloe from Illinois:

i think we should stop people from driving speedboats where manatees and dugongs live.


Posted by: Izz

Yeah! They're all right. And Mattie from Arkansas just sums it up with this:

I think it mean's save the planet


Posted by: Dex

So every time you stop at a stop sign, use those 5 seconds to think about the oversharpened pencils, flowers, and manatees of the world that need your help!


Posted by: Izz

And then, stop stopping and go do something about it!