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MARCH 3, 2009


Posted by: Dex

Izz, do you think our school should have an environmental club like Riley's?

Letter flying in the sky Izz

Posted by: Izz

Oh sure, now you want an eco-club, now that you know Riley has one. Wake up, Dex! Some other kids and I started one last year. We do all kinds of things to make our school green. And so do some of our friends at other schools. Lauryl in Missouri is in a club called Earth Angels:

At my school, one of the teachers has a club called Earth Angels. It is where students come to school at 7:30 A.M. and pick up all of the recycling buckets from the classrooms. Then we take them outside to the recycling bins. Then we do activities in her classroom. I think if it could talk, the environment could speak, it would thank us.

And Brianne in Illinois has an eco-club too. Here's what she says:

At my school we have this thing called eco club.The club helps the school be greener. So far we have developed a recycling program for lunch waste,putting uneaten fruit in a basket for the animal shelter, and convinced a lot of people to be more eco friendly.I just wanted to tell you about that because I thought it would be interesting to hear and maybe you could convince more schools to be like us.

Even Erika in Ontario decided to join her environemtal club when she heard about how cool they are:

You guys are awesome because of you i got inspired and i joined the environment club once again you guys rock!


Posted by: Dex

Okay maybe I'm a little behind. But I'll join your club now. Take me to your leader!