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MAY 5, 2009

A cartoon can looking sad

Posted by: Dex

Our friend Zandra from Mississippi wrote in with a really tough question:

If you see some one throw a can away what would you do?

Let's see what kind of advice we can give her.


Posted by: Izz

If it was Dex, or my dad, I'd probably yell at them and bug them to recycle it. But if it was a stranger I wouldn't know what to do.

Mrs. Greener

Posted by: Mrs. G.

When I see people not caring for the planet like that, I usually go up and talk to them. I explain that the Earth has limited resources and we need to recycle everything we can. It's easy for us to do, and every can makes a difference!


Posted by: CJ

When I see things like that it is upsetting. But if it's not appropriate to tell them they should recycle it, I'll sometimes just pick the can out of the trash myself and take it home to recycle it.


Posted by: Dex

And there you have it. That's what we would do. What would the rest of you do if you saw someone throw away something instead of recycling it? Give us your advice!