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JULY 7, 2009

Letter flying in the sky Dex

Posted by: Dex

One of our readers has a question about being green in an SUV:

is it true that SUV's use more fuel and polute the environment more? I am part of a big family and we have to dirve a SUV, whant can we do to help the environment and still drive our car?


Posted by: Izz

Good question. SUV's are big and do use more gas than other cars. But we all do our best to be as green as we can with what we have. If you're getting lots of people into that SUV, then you're already doing better than if your parents drove each kid around separately. Carpooling is good!

Maybe you could try to drive as little as possible. Anytime you can walk or bike somewhere instead of drive, or do more things in one trip, do it! And if you feel like your transportation is not green, there are lots of other ways you can be super green! Check out our tips to see what I mean.