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JULY 23, 2009

Toilet paper rolls with tree shapes cut out, hanging on the wall.

Posted by: Izz

Remember how the other day I was saying we should all switch to recycled toilet paper?


Posted by: Dex

More toilet talk, Izz? That's so unlike you!


Posted by: Izz

Nothing dirty here, Dex. This artist Yuken Teruya takes empty toilet paper tubes and turns them into art. See, he cuts tree shapes out of them so it looks like they're sprouting! He says:

It is as if I'm helping the paper awaken its ability to be an individual tree.

Isn't that cool? The cardboard tube was once a tree, and now it's like a tree again. When he hangs them all on the wall it looks like a forest. Really makes you think about where the paper came from, doesn't it?