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AUGUST 11, 2009

Letter flying in the sky Izz

Posted by: Izz

We got this letter from a reader in Wisconsin:

I know this is sorta off topic but it does have to do with the enviorment: i have a friend who is totally addicted to radio disney she always has the boom box in her room and she leaves it on ALL the time she falls asleep with it ON with her headphones stuck in her ears, she still has it on when she gets up, she keeps it on when she's in school so she can go right back to it immideatly. I like that station but i am NOT that addicted to it! she is deffinetly wasting elctrisity!

I'd say you're right. She is definitely wasting electricity. It might seem like the radio is small and doesn't use much, but when you add it all up, all day, all night, all week, and on and on, that's a LOT of electricity! Maybe you could try suggesting that she turn it off when she's not in her room, like when she's at school.