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AUGUST 20, 2009

Izz with magnifying glass: Do You Know?
A girl and a boy standing in front of a very large flower

Posted by: Dex

Last week we asked who could guess what this huge flower smells like.

Tim from Georgia guessed:

That flower smells like rotting meat.

And Joe from Washington thought:

I think that the flower smells like rotting flesh, which it does because it uses flies to polinate.

It sounds crazy but they are right! Tim, Joe, Chloe, and Alina all knew the answer. Thanks for writing in, everyone! Now here's Walter to tell us about it...


Posted by: Walter

This is the Titan Arum flower, named Trudy, that I saw at the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden. It smells so disgusting, like a dead body rotting. It's nickname is the corpse flower.


Posted by: Izz

EWW, gross. But it's a cool flower, I have to admit. It's from Indonesia, and it smells so bad to attract insects that pollinate it. Trudy grew from a seed, and she first bloomed when she was 7 years old. Then after that she didn't bloom again for another 4 years! So when corpse flowers finally bloom, it's kind of a big deal. Trudy is like a celebrity.