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Letter flying in the sky Izz

Posted by: Izz

Did you know we have fans as far away as India? This is from Rhea:

I live in India And many things posted in the Greens website is not always possible here like making societys and stuff. Of course you switch off the lights and things but I want to do something BIG. Some help?

Great question, Rhea! All the little things really do help the planet so keep that up! And as for something BIG, it may seem hard to affect the whole society, but spreading the word in small ways is hugely important. Tell your friends how important (and fun) it is to go green, and get them doing all those little things like turning off lights and saving water. Then see if you can get your school to start doing things, then your neighborhood, then your city, and on and on! That way, you start small, but by teaching people how important it is to be good to the Earth, you will be making a HUGE difference!