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Think Small Episode

Less is More


One way to think green is to think small. Less is more. Here are a bunch of things that are greener because they're teenier!

A bunch of bees on a hive
  • Downloadable music is tiny. And doesn't use plastic and packaging like CDs do.
  • Small cars usually use less gas and take up less room on the roads.
  • Smaller portions at dinner, especially in restaurants, mean less food is wasted.
  • Taking showers uses less water than taking a bath. And that's also a smaller water bill for your parents.
  • Bees are small. And we need them to pollinate our food. Many things we eat rely on pollination.
  • Making smaller houses leaves more room for others and they use less man-made material.
  • Having a smaller wish list for your birthday means you'll be consuming less stuff, stuff you might not even really need.