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What is a Locavore?


Like carnivore means meat-eater, a locavore is someone who eats food made near where they live. Here are some tips for local eating.

Rows of leafy veggies growing on a farm.
  • Look at your food labels. Then look outside. If the food is from a country you're not currently in, it's not local. For example, if you're in the grocery store and the mango you have in your hand is from Peru, look out of the front of the store. If you can't see Peru through the window, the mango is probably not local. There may be other ways to know if you're in Peru, but this one is pretty safe.
  • Go to farmers markets. Their stuff is usually grown nearby. It's also a chance to meet local farmers and to find out more about where your food comes from. Trust me, if you knew everything about some of the food we eat, you wouldn't want to eat it.