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Outdoor Composting

Dex's Izz-Proof Guide to Outdoor Composting

Yard compost

Want to get rid of yard waste and kitchen waste without digging a huge hole, trying to flush it down the toilet, or hauling it to the local library and leaving it at the Returns desk? How? Compost!

Compost in bag outside

Creating an outdoor composter is easier than you think. Here's how you can start:

  1. You can create a composter out of all kinds of things. It can be in a big box that won't rot outside. Or it could be just a big pile. You can also buy composters.
  2. Collect fruit and veggie food scraps and any yard waste. Remember that trash items usually don't rot.
  3. Don't put in meat or animal products or you'll attract rats and mice and water buffalo and moose and giant squid. Probably. Egg shells are okay to go in. Tea bags. Coffee too.
  4. Mix your waste in. Grass clippings by themselves, for example, won't compost well.
  5. You can even add shredded paper — plain paper like newspaper. Nothing with plastic on it.
  6. Wait. Wait some more. You're making a terrific meal for your garden. There's more info on the science of composting and more details about what you can and can't compost in the links below.
Take Action!

So you think you can compost? These links will help: