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Sculpture of a man made of waste electronics

Check this out. This giant robot thing is made out of WEEE!


Ex-squeeze me? WEEE??


Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. We dump millions of tons of this every year. Disgusting. And it often gets shipped abroad where people in poorer countries try to get some of the raw materials out. Things like copper wire. But they often do it just by burning it: it's horrible for the environment and very dangerous work for them. Most of this stuff is very toxic.


So who's in the picture? Your boyfriend?


He's the WEEE Man at the Eden Project in England. He's made up of the amount of WEEE that each typical Brit uses in a lifetime. He's 23 feet tall and made of junk. And he's NOT my boyfriend!

Take Action!

Do you have a crush on the WEEE Man too? Here's more stuff about him and his electrical waste: