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Common Sense Media — 4 Stars

Parents need to know that this site is a great place for kids to learn about environmental issues through animated cartoons, games, quizzes, and blogs. Does a great job of explaining environmental issues to kids.... Entertaining in a hip and quirky way.

Light hearted but with a message, The GREENS is a clever, nice looking interactive web site that certainly has the potential to be made into a television show.

Seventh Generation

We think there's nothing more urgent than instilling an environmental ethic in the next generation. This web site is a terrific way to start that important work, and that's why we recommend every family meet the Greens.

Apartment Therapy

Smart, funny, irreverent and with a tone of optimism and hope.

Green Moms @ iVillage

Fun, funky and engaging.

Carola Frediani, BenettonTalk, Italy

They manage to get the "it's cool to care" message out without sounding too preachy and without dumbing down content or humour for the kids... There is a surprising amount to search through. Introduce your kids or someone's uneducated kids, or yourself for that matter, to [The Greens].

Rob Wallace, Keep America Beautiful

Empowering the next generation of environmental stewards and responsible consumers is essential. Congratulations on launching this important and very relevant resource. Brilliant writing, design, and approach ...and entertaining as well (even for us grownups).

Jinny Gudmundsen, Gannett News Service

Kids learn how to "live green" by following the lives of two cousins, Izz and Dex, and the people that fill their world. Izz and Dex share their experiences about how to help the environment through animated cartoons, games, quizzes, and blogs. The site's approach is to focus on things kids really care about and to explore how those things have an environmental impact. [The Greens uses] games and humor to help educate kids about real world issues. And in the process, they make those issues seem less threatening.

Kelli Best-Oliver, Green Options

Overall, kids and tweens will find The Greens to be likable and entertaining. Much like those other popular kids films, the characters drop pop-culture references that both kids and adults will find amusing. More importantly, The Greens give kids a pop-culture reflection of what environmentally-conscious families can look like. The Greens are interesting, funny characters who happen to care about sustainability. The kid characters are empowering and passionate without being preachy.

Collin Dunn,

Though designed for youngsters, anything that rewrites "The Three Little Pigs" fairy tale using "straw bale construction featuring Nebraska-style load bearing and recompressed bails" and LEED certification sounds worthwhile to all, young or old, "green" or not. They've got one episode under their belts, and we'll keep watching to see how effective meshing animation with environmental education can be.

Madeleine, age 13

I just wanted to tell you how awesome I think your site is and how much I love playing on here!! I used to hate the computer but now since I found your site I'm on the computer like all DAY!!! So just thanks soo much GREENS!!!! I just wanted to say how much I've learned on your site!!! I mean I'm sooo bad at science but your site has helped so much with all my learning!!! So I say keep up the good work.

Jesse Jane,

The little monsters will ultimately be the ones to determine if The Greens are a success or not. And I hope they do; as the group discussed at this year's TED conference, one of the best ways to get mom and dad to change their ways is to convince the kids to do it first (just think about how persistent kids are at getting what they want). If all goes according to plan, each monthly episode of The Greens will continue to make green living fun for kids and their grown-ups.

Victoria E., Writer

I'm a big fan of animation — you'll find me choosing a cartoon over a show or movie with humans in it any day... Teaching children through cartoons is as old as the media itself... there is a new set of characters on the web: [The Greens] has been launched from the same program TED used to fund I'm very much looking forward to future episodes of The Greens and I recommend that everyone check it out (whether you are a kid or not).

EcoMonkey, UK

I've had a look at The GREENS and love what I've seen so far. I think it is a great concept with wide appeal. The characters are very believable and cute without being twee.

Therese-Cecile Sua, Philippines

I've always loved cartoons, as they remind me of childhood, and innocence, and when I didn't have to worry about anything. So the angle here is to make more ecologically-sound decisions, but hell, I think it's better than telling their audience to buy the next lunchbox or action figurine with the same theme.

Sustainable Style Foundation

Aiming to get kids and adults alike to pay more attention, and to make informed choices and meaningful changes, The Greens is a new online project that explores green living through a playful, animated approach. They've got one episode done and are off to a great start!

Sallyann, Massachusetts

Thank you for producing this web site; my kids and I love what we've seen so far. Wouldn't it be great if this could somehow be integrated into the schools?, UK

A brilliant new website, launched in the US, encourages kids to have fun while they learn about sustainability and green living. Watch the first episode of The GREENS and check out for yourself the clever educational tools and fab graphics.

Anders Bekeken, Belgium (translated by

Gladly I want present you to the family Green. A serial concerning living the family Green and what they do all to the environment. For your children a must to see and follow. Click on the blade to see 1 of The Greens episode.

Jonathan Mitchell, Baglady Productions, Eire

What a great site! You have a good child-friendly focus which we can hopefully get some inspiration from, as a lot of our focus is on kids too.

Poppins Classical Academy

Even if you don't want to watch the online [episodes] from the creators of Arthur, the blog part of the site has great links about the Earth and the environment for kids.

Energy Planet Blog

What an exciting and fun website! Designed with kids in mind, The GREENS uses Flash to present information about climate change and enviromental issues. There are games and videos for kids (and adults) to play and watch. I found myself spending quite a bit of time on this site. It is quality educational entertainment... way to go Greens!


If you want your own children to research, challenge, discover, and take action wherever and whenever they can, check out this website.