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CJ and Izz

by Izz

CJ is a some kind of diver explorer teacher researcher person at the aquarium downtown. Something like that. I don't know exactly what she does but it looks like a pretty good job to me. She knows a lot about everything. Our family has known her since forever so Dad says it's fine if CJ ever takes us out on trips to see rivers or whales or stuff like that. All I have to do now is work on CJ to actually take us to see rivers or whales or stuff like that.

Mrs. Greener and Dex

by Dex

She lives next door to Izz. Mrs G. is SO green that it makes us all nutty. You know the Three Little Pigs? The-first-one-made-his-house-of-hay. I heard Mrs. G. reading it to her baby. In HER version the first Little Pig's house had "straw bale construction featuring Nebraska-style load bearing and recompressed bales" and the whole thing had "a LEED certificate for being environmentally-friendly."