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MARCH 8, 2007


Posted by: Izz

Finally. We're launching this site today. At TED's conference!

TED and his friends have offered to help promote our new kids' eco-site. To get the word out. So we've made a whole page of graphics to help them. (I don't know who TED is but I'm guessing he probably owes Dad money or dated my mother in college. Why else would he be so generous?)

Anyways: making a Web site takes more time than you'd think. I thought we could make this one during the commercial breaks in American Idol. And even though that's a lot of time right there, it wasn't enough. So Dad, Dex and I have been up all night. The ink's still wet in places.

Let us know if you like it so far. We'll be adding more episodes about all kinds of things. The next one will be about Fashion.

Izz's Dad

Posted by: Dad

Nice intro, Izz. This Web site is our attempt to make a whole bunch of complicated and scary stuff about the environment fun and interesting and inspiring. And not scary. We're starting with a promo, just to set the tone.

Our episodes will all be about us trying to live a little better. And like Izz said, you can even add the promo to your own site: just grab the code from our Share page. Or any of the graphics and logos. But now, if you'll excuse me, I need to lie down. I'm pooped.


Posted by: Dex

So it's my turn now? Great. Who's going to be reading this far down the page?? Nobody, that's who. I could say anything and who would know? I could say that this site is about elephants and cheese and things that make a flurpy noise. Like elephants who eat too much cheese.

And how come our next episode is about FASHION?? I thought we decided this site was going to be about "Being Green." Aren't we supposed to lecture everyone about boring stuff like biofuels and global warnings?


Posted by: Izz

Everything can be about being green. In case you haven't noticed, I'm only 12 and I don't have a car or buy gas. But I DO buy clothes. So we'll be kicking this off with some funky-but-green ideas about clothes: it's a way to show that even choices about clothes make a difference to the planet. Stay tuned.