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FEBRUARY 12, 2008

Car exhaust

Posted by: Izz

Want to nag your way to a better planet? It's easy! Just ask your folks not to idle the car. We're not talking about turning off the engine in traffic. But if they're waiting to pick you up, they should turn it off!


Posted by: Dex

There are lots of myths about idling. Here's the truth. It's not good for the engine. It wastes a lot of fuel. It adds to pollution. It adds to greenhouse gases. And turning the engine on uses about 10 seconds' worth of gas, so if you're going to leave it running for longer you're burning money.


Posted by: Izz

Parents don't believe you? Want to know more? Want to get your school to ask parents not to idle in the pick-up lines? Check out these links:

The EPA takes on idling

Air Watch Northwest: Anti-Idling Kit for Schools

Natural Resources Canada: Anti-Idling Kit for Schools

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