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Fashion Episode

Chris Rock

Celebrity Sightings


Hey, Dex, did you see the Oscars? Al won for his documentary. And Leo drove up in a hybrid car!


Al? Leo? Since when are you on a first-name basis with those guys?


Since they went green, dahling! I think it's cool when somebody famous does something green. People notice. Did you know that Orlando Bloom is building a green house? People pay attention to him WAY more than to you or me.

Dakota Fanning

I guess you have a point there, Izz. But I'm not sure I like it. And it's not just because he has better teeth than me.


And hair. He also has better hair.


Okay, and hair. Still, if Chris Rock or Dakota Fanning are going to do something now they're famous, helping raise money to fight disease in Africa isn't a bad place to start.

Take Action!

Are celebrities the same as role models? If a famous person is going to Go Green, does it matter if it's Bono, Angelina, Britney, Paris, or Leo? Check out these links and then tell us what you think.