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APRIL 17, 2008

Boats in a harbor in India

Posted by: Izz

Here's a great letter about my Mom. As you may know, she travels around the world writing about the environment. Monica wrote:

Hey Greens, I think it's really cool how Izz's mom travels to all of those countries and takes lots of pictures. However, for someone who's an eco-journalist, she's not very eco-friendly. Flying on planes uses TONS of energy, way more than driving in cars, and you guys know how bad cars can be. I was just wondering what you guys think about this, and if you realized how much energy traveling can waste. Keep up the good work! You have a lot of great ideas and info that is fun to listen to and read and raises a lot of awareness!

Mom is super-aware of how bad planes are and she tries to travel by public transport whenever she can. She's been on boats, camels, trains, even bicycle taxis. Monica's right — planes do use tons of energy, but for now, that's one kind of travel Mom can't avoid. Just imagine the day when there's a plane that actually can clean the air while it flies! Do you think it's possible?

Thanks for your thoughtful letter, Monica!