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JULY 15, 2008

Letter flying in the sky Izz

Posted by: Izz

Alicia from Maryland writes:

I know you guys talked about Wall-E, but what about Kit Kittredge: American Girl? They don't exactly specify helping the earth as the main topic, but The Depression made many people reuse stuff. For example, if a person raised chickens, they get fertilizer and scratchers for their garden, meat, eggs to eat and sell, and chicken feed bags. What can chicken feed bags do? You can make it into a dress, underpants, purses, you think of it! Right now we're in recession, so maybe we want to reuse things to save money.


Posted by: Dex

Chicken feed bag underpants sound itchy! But Alicia's on to something here ... REUSE! Funny you should mention it, Alicia, we just happen to have a brand-new episode about reusing. Check it out!


Posted by: Izz

And Alicia's a blogger, too!

Also, may I mention that I started my own blog? It's got your website on it and I put up things I could think of to help our planet. The only problem is that it's not as cool as yours. Please post this up, you're my number one website!