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JULY 24, 2008

Letter flying in the sky Izz

Posted by: Izz

This is interesting. A reader wrote in comparing biking in the Netherlands (where she grew up) to biking in Massachusetts (where she lives now):

I'm from the Netherlands and I love the biking there! It's harder here to bike though, and less people do it because there's no designated bike path, and not everyone here owns bikes. Cars here aren't used to watching out for bikers like they are in The Netherlands. Also here its more hilly, but still if you have to transport yourself to somewhere near, why not bike? There the bikers bike to work, school, and other places that could be miles away. And its better because it keeps you fit, costs less, and gas won't pollute the environment!


Posted by: Izz

Yes! When we went to Amsterdam, we noticed how popular biking is. Some of the bikes we saw were so cool, and the people were even cooler. So green!

Is it easy to bike where you live? Tell us!