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OCTOBER 30, 2008

Rubber skeleton at a signpost on a trail Dex

Posted by: Dex

This is what I'm going to be for Halloween.


Posted by: Izz

What happened to your compost pile costume? I thought that was an awesome idea!


Posted by: Dex

Yes, it was a stroke of genius, I'll admit. But I have to save it for next year. I need more time to let the costume start decomposing, you know? What are you gonna be?


Posted by: Izz

A CFL light bulb! I'll dress in white, then blow up some of those long thin balloons, attach them together, and make a spiral around my head. I'll be trick or treating and saving energy at the same time!

Izz as a vampire Dex

Posted by: Dex

Very clever. But you better watch out for the energy vampires! They'll suck out all your electricity before you even know what hit you! Halloween is their favorite night of the year. So find out how to spot them before they spot you!

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