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APRIL 28, 2009

Letter flying in the sky Dex

Posted by: Dex

Check this out, one of our readers is writing stories about us. Her name is Sanorra, from California, but she calls herself Greenologist Girl. Here's one idea she had for a new episode:

You should have a webshow about another family that is not eco-friendly, called the Browns and talk about how they are damaging the enviornment. Then conmpare them to an average family in America. That would be so cool.

And here's another idea:

You should make a new "green" on the show. I know you already have a lot but you will like this. A next door neighbor/school friend for Izz and Dex. They can be Beth and Mark, and they start out not knowing a single thing about conservation and going green, but the greens show them and they become eco friendly. For example, Beth and Mark can come over and Beth can drink from a plastic water bottle and throw it away, then Mark can drink a soda and throw it away, and Izz and Dex can teach them about Recycling.

Or Beth can call Izz and invite her to go shopping for this new (completly useless) shirt she wants. Izz can teach Beth about Reducing the amount of useless stuff you buy. Mark can invite Dex over to his house. When Dex and Mark are deciding waht to do, Mark suggest a movie, or a vidoe game, or smething electronic. Dex can explain about Conserving your resources when you don't need them. Mark and Dex can end up playing tag or something that does not involve wasting resources — only the resources of fun!


Posted by: Izz

Wow fan fiction, cool! We must be getting famous. Mark and Beth do sound nice, even if they don't know much about being green. Thanks for the ideas, Greenologist Girl!