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JUNE 30, 2009

Letter flying in the sky Dex

Posted by: Dex

Ashton from Minnesota would like to remind everyone to recycle and compost. We totally agree!

RECYCLING is a big thing to save the earth so recycle: cans, bottles, paper, litters,. also compost all your trash.


Posted by: Izz

Just to clarify: don't compost all your trash. Compost your compostables, like egg shells and food scraps. Recycle things like cans and bottles, and trash the other stuff like styrofoam and old bandaids.


Posted by: Dex

Right. And speaking of compostables: Anna, also from Minnesota, has a question:

How do you make a compost pile?


Posted by: Izz

Great question! I'm so glad you asked, Anna. Do you want to make a kitchen compost pile, or an outdoor compost pile? Check out those links to get awesome instructions on both! Good luck and happy composting!