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AUGUST 18, 2009

Letter flying in the sky Izz

Posted by: Izz

Remember those new episode ideas Sanora wrote to us about? Well she's got another one:

I think you guys should have an out of school special. It could be about one really hot day in summer and everybody has their air conditioners on really high and its using lots of energy. Dex wants to put their air conditioner on high, but Izz won't let him. Then end it with a joke, like "If we can't use the air conditioner, then how are we going to cool down" Dex asks Izz. THen they look at eachother and yell "ICECREAM!"


Posted by: Dex

Yeah, I might be guilty of turning up the AC sometimes. But it does waste electricity and there are lots of other ways I like to cool down too. Like running through sprinklers. And making popsicles. And getting squirrels to fan me. Can't complain about Sanora's ending though, ice cream is the tastiest way to cool off!