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AUGUST 25, 2009

Letter flying in the sky Izz

Posted by: Izz

Our Fashion Episode and the other mail we got about fashion has inspired more greenies out there! Here's Alina's green style tip:

My mom got me eco-friendly ponytail holders by the company Scunci. They are made from bamboo, a fast-growing plant. If I could, I would Swisharoo ponytail holders, but it wouldn't be very sanitary!

And Chloe is super-green too, here's what she said:

My clothes are green because almost all of my clothes are from a thrift store, even some of my toys and books! And I just made a macreme choker neck lace and bracelet out of organic hemp! and its extremely easy! Try it.

So cool — bamboo ponytail holders, thrift store clothes, and organic hemp necklaces. Who knew so many kids had super green style already? I love it!