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Letter flying in the sky Dex

Posted by: Dex

Summer is just about over. It's so sad! All summer long readers have been writing to us telling us about the green stuff they've been doing. Frangelica from Florida writes:

I am tring to make my mom buy green products this summer i am going to make a compost pile and planta cuple flower and veggies.

Zoe from New York has been working on her carbon footprint:

I am trying to reduce how much water i use and reduce my carbon footprint.

And Shelby from Ohio is into recycling:

I'm a recycleing girl i pick up recycleing under the bleachers and i LOVE your 7 big ideas.


Posted by: Izz

Summer may be over, but there's lots more time to go green and help the environment! We love hearing from kids who like to do green stuff like we do. So write to us and tell us how you're going green!