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SEPTEMBER 22, 2009

Letter flying in the sky Dex

Posted by: Dex

We love saving water as much as we can (more to swim in). And Lily from Ontario has asked an age-old question:

Conserving water will really help but what do you think: tap or bottled?

What do you guys think?


Posted by: Izz

No question: tap water! It's cool, fresh, and tasty! And best of all, it comes right out of the faucet with no extra packaging to throw away.


Posted by: Hoyt

No question: bottled water! I can choose the coolest brand and carrying it around makes me look important.


Posted by: Izz

Hoyt, if that's what you're really after, why don't you buy one bottle and then keep refilling it from the tap? That way you won't end up wasting plastic, or the gas it takes to drive the bottles of water from the factory to the store. Plus it's way cheaper and just as good for you!