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NOVEMBER 19, 2009

Izz with magnifying glass: Do You Know?
A wooden box in the middle of a garden Dex

Posted by: Dex

Last week we asked if anyone could guess what this box was for.

Ali said:

I think it's for storing garbage inside.

Jasey said:

I think it is a prize for helping the Earth. Like T-shirts or something. Maybe even bracelets, jump ropes, frizbee, or even a baseball game set.

We love your creative ideas but that's not quite it. Let's see what Matt thought:

I think it is a man-made bee-hive.

Looks like Alina thought so too:

I think that the mysterious box is a box where beekeepers put bees to use to make honey, etc. I know this because I watched it in Fetch Season 1.

And they are right, it's a bee box! Turns out lots of you knew it too! Congrats to Chloe, Samantha, George, Whitney, and Kendra who also wrote in with the right answer!


Posted by: Izz

Good job, greenies! Bee boxes are really cool. Bees aren't pets so you wouldn't want to get too close but they are great to have around. Some people put these boxes in gardens or even in their backyards to give bees a nice place to make their home! Those bees don't necessarily make honey but they pollinate the plants and give us beautiful flowers!