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Power Episode

Energy Quiz

The amazing XO laptop is designed for the half-billion kids in the world who have no electricity and it can run very well on solar energy, batteries, electricity or even pedal power!

You can make fuel out of:

  1. ACow poop
  2. BFrench fry oil
  3. CCorn
  4. DAll of the above
These "biofuels" can all be used to create energy and provide great alternatives to using fossil fuels.

Most of the electricity made in the U.S. comes from:

  1. AWind power
  2. BNuclear power plants
  3. CCoal
  4. DGuinea pigs on treadmills
We burn tons of coal — a non-renewable resource that takes MILLIONS of years to make — to create electricity. And burning it creates huge amounts of carbon dioxide that making global warming even warmer.
It's true — two researchers created a stool that captured the energy of someone sitting down to power LED lights!
Scientists are doing just about everything but turning the power off in schools!

The renewable energy source we use most for electricity is:

  1. ADead plants (biomass)
  2. BWater
  3. CWind
  4. DSolar
Water has been used as a power source for thousands of years. Hydropower rocks because it doesn't pollute and it's super-cheap!
Heat is created continuously deep in the center of the Earth and can be used for geothermal energy.
They all exist, but the foot-powered car is the greenest, using human power instead of electricity or gas.

Which watery thing can NOT give us power?

  1. AWaterfalls
  2. BOcean waves
  3. CSwimming pools
  4. DTides
Oceans and rivers are constantly moving, creating hydropower. The pool only moves when someone does a cannonball!
Good thing: nuclear power plants don't produce carbon dioxide. Bad: they produce dangerous radioactive waste.

Just how green are you? Count up the number of answers you got right and check the greenometer below:

Three levels of green-ness