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Power Episode

Power 101

Dex napping with all his gadgets on

Excuse me, Dex, is it REALLY necessary to have the TV AND the radio AND the computer AND all the lights on...




...while you're NAPPING? DEX!!! I'm shocked, really. Just imagine how bored you'd be with NO electricity, which is what might happen if you don't wake up and CARE!


Oh brother. Why are you hassling my electronic life?


THIS is why:

FACT #1: In the US, 92% of our electricity comes from NON-RENEWABLE sources — coal, oil and natural gas. Once we use them up, it takes a REALLY long time to get them back: millions of years. I can't play board games for that long.

FACT #2: Even though Americans make up a measly 5% of the world's population, we use up a major 25% of the world's energy resources.

FACT #3: RENEWABLE sources of energy are everywhere — wind, solar, water, biomass — but are only used to make 7% of our electricity. I think we can do better, people!

And finally:

REALLY OBVIOUS FACT #4: It would be a MINOR sacrifice for you to shut off the TV, computer, radio and lights WHILE YOU'RE SLEEPING, no?

Sources:, U.S. Energy Information Administration

Take Action!

Power to the people! Check out these sites for lots of great info. See if you can help your family become more energy efficient!