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DECEMBER 15, 2009

Letter flying in the sky Dex

Posted by: Dex

One of the coolest things about blogging is you get in touch with people from all over the world, like Eric:

My name is Eric and I'm from No-eco-rway but I live in Shanghai! I was fascinated by all the pollution and carbon dioxide released into the air! I would really like to teach the Chinese people how important it is to save the environment, as I see everyday people throwing trash on the floor and people not caring about our environment. I need some help as I am not able to convince everyone in Shanghai to act GREEN!


Posted by: Izz

Thanks for writing, Eric! This reminds me of our friend Rhea from India who asked a similar question. Like we told her, you may not be able to convince everyone in Shanghai to be more green, but at least you can start small and go from there. Maybe start an environmental club in your school or building. Each person who makes an effort really does help!


Posted by: Dex

Yep, that's right. Plus: clubs are fun! So I guess Shanghai may not be very green, but I wonder what Norway is like. If it's really No-eco-rway like Eric says, does that mean everyone loves the Earth and takes care of it? Sounds like greenie paradise!