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Seven Big Ideas



Here's what I plan to CONSERVE this week: squirrel habitats; the rainforest; energy; water; memories of the present - which I'll do by taking photos; memories of the past - which I'll do by interviewing Granny; the whales; and the nation's supply of fresh water.


That is a GREAT to do list for conservation. You've got all kinds of things in there. I like the interview one, about conserving oral history.


But I haven't figured out how to do all this. For example, if I conserve a whale, where do I put it? Mom will get pretty mad if I conserve it in the bath, even though I've been trying to have her use the shower more instead. The rainforest is another big one. Does your dad have any suggestions?


There are all kinds of ways we can conserve these big things, whether it's getting involved in clubs and organizations, or supporting companies that treat the rainforest with respect. Things like fair-trade, shade-grown coffee, for example. That's coffee grown in a way that balances nature and the needs of small coffee producers.


So, Dex, let's focus more on the rainforest and a little less on the whales for right now. Dad understands coffee, but even he would draw the line at a beluga in the bathtub.