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Fashion Episode

Let's Swish!

A pile of clothes

Swishing: A One-Stop Clothes Swap


Dex and I hosted our first Swisharoo the other day. It was a fantastic success!


Uh, except for the unfortunate cat-stuck-in-the-hat episode.


Well, yeah. We'll have to ask Granny to put the cat outside next time. Anyway. Swishing: I never thought trading clothes with our friends could be so fun. And I just love the sound of that word ...SWISHING. I can just feel the new clothes breezing into my closet.


They're not exactly NEW.


That's just it. These clothes are even better: they have been pre-loved by our friends!


And hopefully pre-washed.

Take Action!

Izz & Dex's top five tips for hosting your own Swisharoo

  • Invite your friends over. Tell them you won't let them in unless they bring a bagful of clothes.
  • Tell them to bring things they no longer want or wear. They should NOT bring their favorite skull t-shirt!
  • Put all the clothes in a big pile in the middle of the room. Once everyone's stuff is mixed in, let the swishing begin!
  • If there are any clothes left over, donate them to a charity like Goodwill or the Salvation Army.
  • Keep Granny's cat away from the clothes!

If you swish, tell us about it!